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Rumour as it, the new Tadcaster Bridge once opened, will be able to accommodate 86,000 vehicles per day which could lead to one or two congestion issues in the town during peak times (341)

CCTV image taken 2 minutes after the tree crashes onto Boston Spa High Street (321)

🎉🎈Tadcaster Bridge reopens today 🎉🎈

Rumour has it, it will be very hard to spot where the new blockwork meets the original old stone. (220)

Rumour has it, from 10pm last night Costcutter started selling firewood (219)

Rumour has it, after spending an afternoon in Bramham, three Syrian men have been seen jumping back onto a wagon to go home. (217)

Rumour has it, Tadkebab are reopening on Friday and will be delivering to both sides of the bridge (198)

Rumour has it, with the river so high, Russian submarines are taking the opportunity to stop off for fish & chips at the Whaler (187)
Rumour has it, the panic buying of lettuces has Neil reaching for his pricing gun (175)

Rumour has it, there were chaotic scenes in Boston Spa this morning when Dougie Yeadon's slashed 5p off fence panels #blackfriday #stillcheaperatbandq (168)

Rumour has it, Pancake Day is the only day Jacko doesn't shit himself when the wife gets the frying pan out of the cupboard (168)

I passed through the seven levels of the Candy Cane Forest, through the sea of Swirly Twirly Gum Drops, and then I walked into the Red Lion at Bramham (164)

Rumour has it, Marmite soars at Costcutter (160)
Rumour has it, it's advisable to give the 770 Wetherby to Leeds a miss between 3 & 4pm #jailbirdexpress (160)

Rumour has it, we are all looking forward to the London Marathon tomorrow morning. Surely, everyone remembers last years sprint to the finish line? (159)

Rumour has it, a team of chimps are brought in to improve customer service in the chemist at Boston Spa (154)

We have unconfirmed reports coming in that someone has put more than a fiver’s worth of fuel in their car at Central Garage, Boston Spa. (152)

Rumour has it, in celebration of St Georges, everything in Costcutter is only twice the price of Morrisons (144)

Rumour has it, Tad is to host the start of day 2 of the 2017 Tour de Yorkshire (142)

Costcutter Boston Spa is giving free £75 voucher to EVERYONE. For their Anniversary!! Just hand this over to Neil when you have a trolley full, tell him its from CRM and see how far it gets you. Probably a bottle of bubbly over the head. 1 coupon per person. (141)

Rumour has it, from 10pm last night Costcutter started selling firewood (141)

Rumour has it, Diane Abbott says that a 2.5ltr tin of white emulsion from Dougie Yeadon's costs £41. The daft bint is almost 80p out. (138)

Happy Chinese New Year, Bitches (134)

Rumour has it, The One Show are filming live at the Bramham Beacon tonight for the Queen's birthday. The BBC have politely asked that all Bramham residents remain indoors whilst broadcasting so viewers do not mistake their programme with the movie Deliverance showing later on Film4 (133)

Rumour has it, whenever Eminem comes to Bramham he comes on the 770 (132)

Rumour has it, Clifford Swimming Pool is now open 7am-10pm under the arch on Burns Way (125)
Ladies. This is a roundabout outside Aldi's, not a circular speedbump (124)
Rumour has it, Neil has graduated from Moet & Chandon with a 2:1 in Bottle Combat (124)

Top O' The Morning (122)

Rumour has it, a local Father & Son are left fuming over a pub receipt (121)

The long arduous road from the other bars in Boston Spa to the Addy (120)

JFK, Schiphol, Heathrow, Tad (115)

Rumour has it, always the entrepreneur, Dougie launches his "Shore To Shore" service (114)
Just arriving at the Bay Horse for a pint (113)
Rumour has it, Lord Sugar was delighted with the business lesson taught in our children's book (112)
Martini £ £15.99 (112)

Rumour has it, the motorhome parked up opposite the physio in Clifford, has been awarded static caravan status and will now be known officially as 1A Moor Avenue. (111)

Wall Of Glass (Official Video)
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