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Likes on our Facebook Page (15/06/20)

Just got a new tenner out of the cash machine at Costcutter. Seems legit. (383)

Rumour as it, the new Tadcaster Bridge once opened, will be able to accommodate 86,000 vehicles per day which could lead to one or two congestion issues in the town during peak times (341)

CCTV image taken 2 minutes after the tree crashes onto Boston Spa High Street (321)

#10yearchallenge (314)

Fabulously Dougie Yeadon's has stayed open but there's quite a strict entry policy in place.

Familiarise yourself with the rules below before simply tipping up and expecting to breeze in.

1. Please keep 2m apart outside whilst queuing
2. Please wear brown loafers at all times
3. Moustaches are only allowed in after 1pm
4. Please make a Chewbacca noise on entering the shop
5. Moonwalking is compulsory down aisle 1
6. Any paint purchased must be a shade of blue
7. 6mm bolts are readily available but it is forbidden to buy accompanying 6mm nuts
8. Any person who coughs will be made to buy a patio gas
9. Do not look any member of staff in the eye
10. Payment to be made only in copper coins circa 1986

Please respect the rules, they are in place for your safety. A new rule will be added every day to keep you on your toes. Expect to be shouted at. (295)

Happy Valentines Day from shopkeeping lothario Hugh Hanby and the Costcutter bunnies (295)


When you’re on your way home South after a day trip in the North, there’s only one place for supper (281)
Just got a new twenty out of the cash machine at Costcutter. Seems legit. (279)

Neil would like to remind all customers that Costcutter will only be open for 16 hours on Christmas Day this year (276)

Summer Holiday 2020 (272)

No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else (272)
Sam Smith's Pure Brew, much tastier than domestos and will knock you sideways. I've been drinking it all my life and I look great, don't I look great? people always say I look great. (268)
“First things first, I will be putting Clifford Rumour Mill up for a knighthood, sometimes he makes me piss my chinos” (267)
Rumour has it, next week Phil & Kirstie are back in Clifford meeting the owners of the fucking massive camper van parked on Moor Avenue. Will they continue to park it there for the next 25 years or will they upgrade to a portacabin and shut the road altogether? (265)
And the Oscar for best performance in a supermarket documentary goes to...(263)
Come shop with us, forever and ever and ever (258)

Neil says "Don't forget to spend your old pound coins tomorrow but for fucks sake make sure it's at Londis, don't bring 'em here you set of bastards" (254)

Congratulations to Neil who has been awarded a knighthood for services to shopkeeping and cash machine withdrawals in the New Year Honours #sirhanby (252)

We deny these allegations, our account has obviously been hacked. (249)
Rumour has it, The Albion at Clifford changed it's name this morning (249)


...probably won’t open my letter to be fair (246)
Clifford Moor Road is officially the new home for track and field events (245)

Chaotic scenes in Boston Spa this morning as Dougie Yeadon's announce 5p off fence panels. #blackfriday (243)

Our take on the new Banksy. Game Changer.
A tribute to two of our local heroes 🖤🤍 (243)

The Clifford Scuba Club are meeting at the pothole opposite Boston Spa Comp at 6pm tonight. Novices and experienced divers welcome. (237)


Rumour has it, with people unsure if you need to be on a guestlist, pay on the door or hold a golden ticket, some have chosen to camp overnight to make sure they get into TF for the New Year. (232)

Rumour has it, the two way traffic entry system at Morrisons petrol station in Wetherby still works well (231)

Crisp fresh Whitby sea air captured in a jar and sealed safely inside.

Filtered by Mother Nature from air drifting across the North Sea away from pollutants and toxins.

Sealed on location at the top of them bastard steps up to the Abbey.

There are 20 jars available, sold exclusively at Tom Foolery £35 each (224)

Rumour has it, things hot up at the villa tonight as the "Hanb" arrives in Mallorca (223)
Never one to miss an opportunity (220)
🎉🎈Tadcaster Bridge reopens today 🎉🎈

Rumour has it, it will be very hard to spot where the new blockwork meets the original old stone. (220)

Summer Holiday's 2020

Rumour has it, from 10pm last night Costcutter started selling firewood (219)

Rumour has it, Neil's just heard about the new off licence/deli (218)

Rumour has it, after spending an afternoon in Bramham, three Syrian men have been seen jumping back onto a wagon to go home. (217)

Bit fucking hot in this thing...(216)

It’s glorious in Wetherby this afternoon (213)

Experience the thrill of Coach Trip by simply catching the number 7 bus Leeds to Harrogate. It costs as much as a European vacation and takes about 2 weeks. (211)

Outbreak at Boston Comp (210)

Fries with that please Jez (208)

Morrison’s, Wetherby - 8am tomorrow morning  (205)

Rumour has it, the skeleton at Clifford chippy isn't a Halloween prop. It's a customer waiting for twice and a fish. (205)

Rumour has it, the panic buying of hand sanitizer and loo roll has Neil reaching for his pricing gun (203)

I think they're interested...(203)
Great Scott, what year is this Marty....they're taking card payments at Clifford chippy (202).

Rumour has it, some of our local restaurants are now providing a home delivery service. (201)



Rumour has it, we have trawled the Boston Spa archives and came across this photo of a cheeky little chap on his first day of school, circa 1950 (201)
He's A Pirate
Hollywood Studio Symphony (Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl)