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Frontrunners just crossing the line at the London marathon

Glorious in the market square Wetherby

It's been a quiet morning at Leeds Bradford.

Rumour has it, today's propane delivery should last Dave until next weekend.

Rumour has it, as Russia target the UK with their nuclear missiles, Azzy & Tony retire to the secret underground bunker they have built beneath a block paved drive somewhere in Clifford
Rumour has it, Dougie is awarded another 30 day ban by Zuckerberg

Grand National late entry: Cost Of Cutters 33/1

Could be wielding the champagne later

Our tip for tomorrow is Aztec’s Mullet in the Bay Horse Guinness Chase.

When on form this long maned veteran shows great stamina and can go the distance but has been known to fall over a fence on the home straight.

Rumour has it, in an effort to bring some fresh tactics, insight and knowledge back to Elland Road, Leeds Utd bring in Big John from Morrisons at Wetherby

Rumour has it, it's only 9am and apparently it's already 40° in Church Fenton

Actual CCTV image of a donut abduction earlier this afternoon in Whitby...

Bit harsh from the Highways Agency...

Rumour has it, Neil is introducing larger size soft drinks instore tomorrow #sugartax

Rumour has it, last night Andy enjoyed a late supper with the lads.

Rumour has it, on discovering his suppliers will soon be paying a refund on plastic bottles, Neil now works a second job through the night.

When you're at work and the kids call to ask what time are you coming home to take them to school as it's almost dinner time.

Keep it tea, with Scotty P

Rumour has it, Teresa May's top diplomatic envoy has arrived in Moscow for the midnight negotiations

Rumour has it, the Jacklyn family holiday is once again resting on the outcome of 28 races

Rumour has it, Tony is beginning to regret installing a 24hr cash machine at Boston Spa post office.

Rumour has it, Keira's just been in for 10 Lambert & Butler

BSpa Natural Spring Water*

Available now exclusively at Costcutter.

*Definitely not just melted snow from the roof

Rumour has it, there’s plenty of hot chicken at the Costcutter Deli.

Do you feel lucky, Punk? #Bronson #Grangehill

Thankfully the Crown Hotel is to remain a shit tip for the forseeable future.