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Rumour has it, Charles has taken extra precautions for his next visit to the pub.

Neil says "Don't forget to spend your old pound coins tomorrow but for fucks sake make sure it's at Londis, don't bring 'em here you set of bastards"

Rumour has it, Syd's suntan was coming along nicely after 12 minutes on the beach

You’ve heard of Elf on the Shelf, now get ready for

Rumour has it, in an effort to recruit 125 new pilots, Ryanair are bringing in anyone with experience in driving passengers. God help us all.

Rumour has it, Dave can't even have a drink with the crew for a while

Alker Roofing Services.

Drainpipes, tiles, tv aerials, just call Phil. Shit hot on a ladder.

 Screw & Oyster

Just got a new tenner out of the cash machine at Costcutter. Seems genuine.

Bank...Southbank. Licence to deal.

Have just passed Danny with his new caravan on the A1

Due to the overwhelming success of the last Thai restaurant in BSpa, someone has decided to give it another a Thai restaurant. They didn't know what to call it so are looking for suggestions?? The best entry gets a free starter*

*must be paid for

When it rains for more than 3 minutes in Tadcaster

Clifford prepares for the arrival of Bramham FC tonight at Northways

How quickly time goes. We are very proud of you James, Year 32 x

Rumour has it, Stanny had waited until Mel was back at work, before clearing his video collection from the garage