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Rumour has it, after a couple of beers, Beano can enjoy a snooze anywhere

By Order Of The Peaky Boston's

Clifford Fisheries, just enough butter for 4 breadcakes

Rumour has it, for just £3 a day, Kate & Brett can enjoy a fresh supply of clean running Yorkshire Water. Please give generously. #cliffordwatercrisis

Please Remember...

Scotland with the Jeffers

We award Southbank the following rating 

Neil would like to remind all customers that Costcutter will only be open for 16 hours on Christmas Day this year

Rumour has it, the Red Lion at Bramham has reopened and the locals are happy

Rumour has it, Kate Wax On and Brett Wax Off

Rumour has it, the Three Wise Men will be in the Bay Horse later tonight taking your questions.

“This is the elusive, lesser spotted small white baguette.

Here in Morrison's Wetherby they claim to sell them but nobody has ever seen one.

The longer more expensive baguette's however, are always in abundance”.

MBE for bartending??

Rumour has it, it's the Boston Spa late night shopping event and Neil's giving away a free mince pie at Costcutter, if you buy the tin foil it's sat in for £2