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"You down there, boy. What day is bins?
It's that night of the year again when Neil opens a bottle of champagne rather than knocking the punters unconscious with it.
Rumour has it, with people unsure if you need to be on a guestlist, pay on the door or hold a golden ticket, some have chosen to camp overnight to make sure they get into TF for the New Year.

...reports of similar scenes at the Bay.

Rumour has it, a woman in a blindfold with 2 kids has just sailed down the Wharfe

When you're looking after the Goose on Christmas Eve...

Clifford Rumour Mill proudly sponsoring Mad Friday since 1989

Gatwick Episode, Classic

Rumour has it, there are still some tables available for this Sunday at the Clifford Toby. Home of the roast....and Az

Rumour has it, even Clifford AFC have a better chance of some silverware this season

Neil would like to remind all customers that Costcutter will only be open for 16 hours on Christmas Day this year

‘Leave the taps on Az’

Sorry folks, you may have seen this for the last 3 years but I can’t improve on it

No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.

"Leave it at the doorstep and get the hell 'outta here"