Rumour has it, a Leap Day just means an extra Pay Day

Rumour has it, Greta Thunberg was in town earlier today checking out Wetherby RUFC's new Solar PV system. After giving it the thumbs up, she enjoyed a 6 hour drinking session in the club house before heading to Pizza Bella for a large doner kebab.


Azzold Swarzenegger & Tony Devito

Waggy Woofter Walkers Ltd

If you cant be arsed walking your dog, ring JP and he'll take them for a stroll to the pub.

30 Minutes - £ 1 Guinness

60 Minutes - £ 3 Guinness

Rumour has it, Shamima had nearly made it to the Duty Free again before her flight was cancelled.

Rumour has it, Shamima had nearly made it to the Duty Free again before her flight was cancelled.

Rumour has it, following Leeds City Council's decision yesterday to impose car parking charges in the town, we have updated the Welcome To Wetherby map for the dwindling visitors

Rumour has it, the Trident missile fired from a Royal Navy submarine earlier today in the river at Boston Spa, has landed successfully near Jackdaw Crag

Rumour has it, if you book a holiday now for 9th June you can ensure you are away when that Drover brass band shite is on in Wetherby

Happy Valentines Day from shopkeeping lothario Hugh Hanby and the Costcutter bunnies 

It's Pancake Day…again

The only day of the year Jacko doesn’t shit himself when he sees the wife getting the frying pan out of the cupboard.

Happy Chinese New Year Bitches

Rumour has it, the fella from Wetherby Free Press is interviewing Vladimir Putin this morning because Tucker Carlson is a terrible journalist and didn’t ask the real questions.

Rumour has it, a leading Scandinavian airline is to start weighing passenger

Rumour has it, this sleeping polar bear image captured by an amateur UK photographer has won the Wildlife Photograph Of The Year.

The image is slightly ruined by Brett Bain performing a double footed swivel turn on his paddleboard in the background.

Alright Dave #TriggerPoint

Rumour has it, it’s back and Lord Sugar has added a supermarket mogul to his team of trusted advisors.

Rumour has it, it's Burns Night. That night of the year when Brian has to pretend to the family that he really likes haggis.

Rumour has it, the tree uprooted in Thorp Arch yesterday was cleared very quickly.

Rumour has it, the Princess Of Wales has left hospital after surgery

Rumour has it, Ivan Toney’s 8 month ban is now over, he has returned to training and will be available for Brentford’s 2-2 draw with Nottingham Forest on Saturday.

Rumour has it, Sir Alec has arrived to fix all the potholes and ensure the correct documentation for damage claims is sent out to all. Hoorah.

Rumour has it, the new series of Gladiators returns to our screens tonight. Many young people won't remember the OG line up which included a local lad with the call sign, Zodiaz.

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