Rumour has it, Jacko eased in to a few beers on the 53 minute flight
Rumour has it, The Fox & Hounds will be revealing their scarecrow next week. Not to be mistaken for Jeff who is just stood in the car park having a fag.

Clifford all trimmed up for next week's Jubilee celebrations

Now it's a party

I’d rather have a dose of….
We are liking TF's new window stickers...
Rumour has it, new photos appear to show Costcutter colleagues toasting at lockdown party
You can be my wingman you can be mine.
We are delighted to announce that with the return of the nice weather, CRM and local businessman Layne Wineker have reopened The Weir Beach Club in Boston Spa.
Open Mon-Sun 9am-10pm, regular entry only £25.
Weir day beds can be reserved at a minimum spend of £100 per person which includes 12 cans of Skol and a bag of pork scratchings.
WBC Boston Spa
The only place to be....if it's sunny....and you're minted.
Just joining back of the queue for my flight from Leeds Bradford.
Come join Wim's Wednesday Weir Workout starting tomorrow at 6am in Boston Spa river.

Face the cold...take control.
Rumour has it, both Coleen & Rebekah showed off their exclusive CRM On Tour accessories on arriving at court this morning.

Bagtagatha Christie

The cringy moment Martin Brundle mistakes Neil as the guy from Londis.

Neil Parish opening the wrong files again..
Stay 7 nights for free, town centre location.
Rumour has it, the Clifford Beer Festival have secured this year's first act.
Rumour has it, a Tory MP has been caught looking at dodgy content in the Commons
Rumour has it, when you are an angler, what has just happened in the last 24 hours is simply unbelievable.

$44 Billion and I'll throw in a CRM On Tour flag and a dodgy Christmas decoration.

Ama-chores !!

...Moaty having a pint before filming
To celebrate The Queen’s 96th Birthday, CRM have released a new photograph of Her Majesty making beer deliveries around Tad with the Sam Smith’s dray horses.
This new ITV drama tells the incredible real life story of a man who goes missing on his paddleboard at Woodlesford Canal so he doesn't have to finish a customer's decking over the weekend.

Rumour has it, Stevie Wonder has been in Clifford this morning painting the new white lines on Willow Lane.

Rumour has it, the best place to get a beer during half term is at Crazy Tykes. There's no kids there, they're are all in the pubs.
For Sale: Kalvin Phillips shoes, worn once
Rumour has it, after nearly 46 years at Molson Coors it was going to be impossible to replace Jimmy… as nobody had ever figured out what he actually did.
Rumour has it, customers buying gas from Dougie Yeadon's must now pay in roubles
Nice to see Gents Hair open again
Meanwhile at the National Greengrocers Awards...


Rumour Mill
Used to refer to the process by which rumours and gossip are originated and circulated among a group of people.
  1. A currently circulating story or report of uncertain or doubtful truth.
  2. Gossip, hearsay, talk, tittle-tattle, the grapevine, the word on the street, story, report, whisper, word, news, buzz.
From Latin rumor ‘noise’.

We are back in the Clifford Outlook this March.