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Latest Rumours

"It's Tom Foolery's, sir. I have your pizza."

" Leave it on the doorstep and get the hell outta here."

"But what about the money?"

"What money?"

"Well, you'll have to pay for your pizza, sir."

"Is that a fact. How much do I owe ya?"

"Uh. That'll be £11.80, sir."

"Stick it on Rumour Mill's tab and keep the change, ya filthy animal."

Know your place

I'll av you get that bleedin' bus out
When it's 10pm on a Saturday night and you own an off licence

Jagger & McCartney are praying they're not on Gary’s favourite artists list

Rumour has it, the motorhome parked up opposite the physio in Clifford, has now been there for 6 consecutive years and therefore awarded static caravan status. It will now be known officially as 1A Moor Avenue.
Pinch of salt, stirred well and half baked
Rumour has it, Boris will be leading an emergency COBRA meeting today #bojodojo

Flavio Fortunes

Watching ITV’s grim new drama Nes
The Clifford Covid Marshalls reporting for duty Boris
Just passed a Kojack with a Kodak on the A64 Tad, the place is crawling with bears.

Az fresh out of the Trafford Centre in the Man Utd third kit

Moscow Machiatto anyone ?

Local magician David Crane spotted on his way to Aldi

Me and the wife having a quick pint in Bramham on Wednesday night.

Rumour has it, Messi has signed with Leeds United so that he can feature more on Clifford Rumour Mill

While Mel unpacked, Stanny went for a wander around town

Maguire's, football and the law

UK debt has reached more than £2,000,000,000,000 for the first time.

Put into context, that's 9 nights out in Boston Spa
Rumour has it, the UK have secured 90 million vaccines
Worrying scenes as recession grips Boston Spa
Spotted this morning, bargain

Rumour has it, the fastest lap around the new Wetherby F1 circuit is 9.35 minutes.

The CRM print out and keep reminder, for men