Rumour has it, nobody has heard from Beano since he first arrived in Bratislava, lets hope he didn't book the Hostel

Rumour has it, German Dave has just been spotted landing at Leeds Bradford in his Messerschmiitt.

Rumour has it, if we can all keep this gate closed, the sheep won’t keep getting out.

Rumour has it, there’s currently a lot of fake stamps circulating in the UK. Consumers are advised to purchase stamps from Post Office branches or legitimate stores like Costcutter

What the solar eclipse sees when it passes over Boston Spa

Look at ‘em go. Fucking Geniuses.

They asked to take a CRM flag when they went on holiday and got a free CRM On Tour drawstring bag, perfect for using…

…On The Beach.

Message us with your dates and we'll stick you in the diary.

Rumour has it, there must be a service on at Wetherby Methodist Church this morning.

Rumour has it, every year on the Thursday before Easter, Andy kindly treats all his co-workers to a late supper.

Rumour has it, Wriggy thought he'd won the lottery last night when he got invited back to a party by four young ladies in Thailand.

He was half right.... he had 6 bonus balls.

Rumour has it, this new remake on Netflix isn't a patch on the original.

Champ Must Win

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Rumour has it, Nike and the English FA have got involved and given our CRM On Tour flags a 'playful' new twist

Rumour has it, our new store on Boston Spa High Street will be open from tomorrow, welcoming all the oldies who will be soon moving into the new retirement community at the end of the village.

Happy Fecking Paddy's Day

Our tip this year again for the Gold Cup is

Open All Hours at 18/1

Rumour has it, after another unsuccessful day of betting at Cheltenham, Jacko & Stanny settle in for the night.

Rumour has it, every week the lads on the Wetherby bin wagon roll a dice to determine which streets they cant be arsed collecting from.

Rumour has it, it’s time to ride the Cheltenham rollercoaster again.

Rumour has it, there are growing concern’s that the newly-released photograph of the Princess Of Wales may have been ‘manipulated’

Rumour has it, we’ve had an overwhelming response to our CRM On Tour drawstring bags so we’ve got a couple of the lads working late tonight at our production facility on Thorp Arch trading estate knocking some more up.

Could the parents who thought Silence Of The Lambs was appropriate for World Book Day, please come come and collect your child from St Edwards School, Boston Spa as they are upsetting the other children.

Rumour has it, a Leap Day just means an extra Pay Day

Rumour has it, Greta Thunberg was in town earlier today checking out Wetherby RUFC's new Solar PV system. After giving it the thumbs up, she enjoyed a 6 hour drinking session in the club house before heading to Pizza Bella for a large doner kebab.