In the budget today, duty on beer was frozen for another year meaning the cost of a pint in Boston Spa will have only gone up by 55p
Great Scott, what year is this Marty…they’re taking card payments at The Fox
Rumour has it, it’s crust a matter of time

Dart board, pool table, whatever next...?

Rumour has it, there’s quite a queue at Leeds Bradford airport.
House Clearances, call Paul

We will not be closing Monday, my wife got it wrong, thankyou, thankyou so much

Neil with a gentle reminder - "Don't forget to spend your old paper £20 notes before they go out of circulation at the end of September...but for fucks sake make sure it's at Londis, don't bring 'em here you set of bastards"

Rumour has it, Marcelo Bielsa is quickly learning English so he can turn down the job at Chelsea

“Following my new appointment as a Minister of State, the first thing I will be doing is putting Clifford Rumour Mill up for a knighthood, sometimes he makes me piss my chinos”
And another year gone......We are so proud of you James. Year 37 here we go! #backtowork
Rumour has it, in an effort to save £10 on his energy bills, Champ has just paid £40 for a £20 kettle at Dougie Yeadons

Rumour has it, Wayne's just got down to Elland Road for tomorrow night's game.

Dave is still hoping to headline at Leeds Fest tonight but it all depends on him finishing the exterior store signage for Asda in Wrexham

Rumour has it, he’s been there less than a week and Royal Mail are now all on strike

What fuel crisis?

When it turns out that your job for the weekend at the Leeds Festival is looking after a portaloo in Barwick In Elmet

Rumour has it, after leaving Masterchef, Chris Eubank was offered the position of sous-chef at Tadkebab where he is responsible for putting donner meat on the pizzas.
Thankfully the air in Clifford has returned to smelling like regular cow shit today
Rumour has it, with the impending threat of a drought, The BSpa Water Company have stepped up production
Guinness soup and toast served up by the Clifford chuckle
The farmer has asked if people can please keep this gate closed in Wetherby and then his bastard sheep won't keep getting out.
When you haven’t featured on Clifford Rumour Mill for a while…
Is it just me or has Salt's outside seating area got slightly larger?
There's a few old faces returning for the Neighbours finale
Rumour has it, Ekin-Su quickly pies Davide when Jonparke arrives from Clifford
Where's the sodding flower shop gone? Winter is coming and I need a poinsettia.
Rumour has it, if you paint your house number on your bin, it makes it much easier for the binmen to leave it outside the wrong house.


Rumour Mill
Used to refer to the process by which rumours and gossip are originated and circulated among a group of people.
  1. A currently circulating story or report of uncertain or doubtful truth.
  2. Gossip, hearsay, talk, tittle-tattle, the grapevine, the word on the street, story, report, whisper, word, news, buzz.
From Latin rumor ‘noise’.