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Latest Rumours

Rumour has it, The Albion at Clifford has changed it's name this morning
Recreate your holiday abroad in Boston Spa this year by wandering into Cooplands in your swimming trunks, pointing at a ring donut, shouting Two and then paying with a £50 note.

Summer Holiday 2020

Our take on the new Banksy. Game Changer.
A tribute to two of our local heroes 🖤🤍

Rumour has it, Sean Connery is in lockdown at a bnb in Thorp Arch and is building some wooden bookcases alone today. 

He’s quite enjoying the “shelf isholation"

🌴Out Run 🚘🌴
A1M Wetherby Stage

Crisp fresh Whitby sea air captured in a jar and sealed safely inside.

Filtered by Mother Nature from air drifting across the North Sea away from pollutants and toxins.

Sealed on location at the top of them bastard steps up to the Abbey.

There are 20 jars available, sold exclusively at Tom Foolery £35 each

Rumour has it, Olly Murs has just been spotted at Bramham shop buying Pringles for the girlfriend.

Happy Star Wars Day 2020

Costcutter have launched Parmo’s and Burritto Bowls, available immediately
Rumour has it, Neil's just heard about the new off licence/deli

PACMAN Costcutter addition.

Make your way through the maze to the tills and back out, collecting a sandwich from the deli and avoiding the other punters. There's a one way system in place but nobody's sure how it works. Hours of fun to be had by all the family.

Fabulously Dougie Yeadon's has stayed open but there's quite a strict entry policy in place.

Familiarise yourself with the rules before simply tipping up and expecting to breeze in. Please follow the guidelines:-

1. Please keep 2m apart outside whilst queuing
2. Please wear brown loafers at all times
3. Moustaches are only allowed in after 1pm
4. Please make a Chewbacca noise on entering the shop
5. Moonwalking is compulsory down aisle 1
6. Any paint purchased must be a shade of blue
7. 6mm bolts are readily available but it is forbidden to buy accompanying 6mm nuts
8. Any person who coughs will be made to buy a patio gas
9. Do not look any member of staff in the eye
10. Payment to be made only in copper coins circa 1986

Please respect the rules, they are in place for your safety. A new rule will be added every day to keep you on your toes. Expect to be shouted at.

ABH has asked if anyone can lend him some clippers?

He can collect them later, once he's finished chasing deer at Bramham Park.

Rumour has it, Boots and Sunglass Hut are opening stores at Wetherby Services later this year.

Motorists making use of the facilities will be able to buy specs and drugs and sausage rolls.

Kim Jong Un 'alive and well' after taking part in a stone hunt reports South Korea

Sex On The Bleach

Sam Smith's Pure Brew, much tastier than domestos and will knock you sideways. I've been drinking it all my life and I look great, don't I look great? people always say I look great.