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When you work at Thorp Arch but live in Clifford. Day 9. #jackdawjump
Next stop, Leeds General Infirmary
Nice to see the Leeds City Council gritting team on Willow Lane, Clifford earlier today

Dougie on his way to Heathrow this afternoon

Brett is trying to rehome a red tailed shark if anyone would like him
On hearing that he got a free bottle of Peroni with any pizza from Tom Foolery with his #rumourVIP card, Tony ordered 24 Margherita's

3 piece chicken meal deals available this weekend from Kentucky Fried Charlie’s

Matty has every reason to be proud of creating a comfortable living space with an old canal barge, 3ft of discarded cattle shed roofing and a reclaimed sunroof from an 1983 Ford Sierra.

George thinks it’s shit.
Matt isn’t keen on George.
Rumour has it, Costcutter are now selling Covid vaccines. They're £2 each or 3 for a Pfizer.
We got angry, we got sad, we cried...but we picked ourselves up and we started again, knowing that the sun is always shining somewhere. #azzypop
The UK's top negotiator has arrived in Brussels.
Brexit will be sorted by 3pm today.
A shortage of lettuce could just be ‘tip of the iceberg’ warns Neil
Rumour has it, Bramham Medical Centre are considering moving to new premises next year to further restrict patients visiting the practice #Bramcatraz